Available courses

In this 1-day workshop, learn the crucial technical and interpersonal skills needed to thrive as a Junior Engineer.


  • Course Registration Open
    • Monday April 16, 2024 - August 1st, 2024
  • Welcome emails and calendar event will land in emails (remember to check your spam!)
  • 1-Day Workshop (6 date options, pick one!)
    • Sunday, June 23rd @ 10:30am-3:00pm PDT (4hr, 30min)
    • Sunday, June 30th @ 10:30am-3:00pm PDT (4hr, 30min)
    • Sunday, July 14th @ 10:30am-3:00pm PDT (4hr, 30min)
    • Sunday, July 21st @ 10:30am-3:00pm PDT (4hr, 30min)
    • Sunday, July 28th @ 10:30am-3:00pm PDT (4hr, 30min)
    • Sunday, August 4th @ 10:30am-3:00pm PDT (4hr, 30min)
    • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)


  • Learn what is expected of Junior Engineers
  • Common pitfalls & mental traps Junior Engineers face
  • Tips to quickly ramp-up in new code bases and processes
  • Learn what's required to execute tasks well
  • Why and how to build trust with your manager and team
  • How to prepare for promotions
  • Learn a conversational skill that lets you talk to anyone, helping you build authentic connections

Course Format

Combo of lecture & workshops. The first exercise will have students following Francesca as she codes. The second exercise will have 3-5 volunteers participating live.

      10:30 Intro & Course overview
      10:45 Assessing your job environment
      10:50 How not to get fired
      11:10 Working in legacy systems (Gilded Rose, Debugger Exercise)
      12:30 --- 30 minute Break ---
      01:00 Handling common project problems
      01:15 Getting promotion ready
      01:30 Why & how to build trust
      01:45 Building authentic connections (Active Listening Exercise)
      03:00 End / Q&A

Requirements & Notes
  • Lectures will be recorded. The recordings are meant to capture Francesca's voice, video, and presentation deck. However, any live questions asked will also be recorded. No student's video will be recorded.
  • Recordings will NOT be provided after. Both Lectures and Workshops for this particular course will be done LIVE with Francesca

  • Video Cameras and Mics are required to be turned on during the course, so please make sure you have working access to those equipment.

  • The code exercise is best done prior to the workshop to experience TDD, Legacy Code, and Refactoring yourself. Then you can compare your experience to when Francesca walks through it during the workshop! Exercise instructions are inside the course details once you register.*